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Information Notice

Details of your cancellation rights can be found below. Please read them in detail before confirming you are happy to proceed.

About Us
We are Custom Vehicle Contracts Limited, a company registered in Scotland with registration number SC664430 and our registered office is Limetree Garage, Glasgow Road, Hamilton, Scotland, ML3 0RA. We are a credit broker and not a funder or lender.

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, otherwise known as the FCA, for broking of Consumer Hire and Hire Purchase.  The FCA is the independent regulatory body for companies that provide financial services in the UK. The FCA require us to provide you with an Information Notice detailing our status, the fee we charge as well as our charges for cancellation.  Our Firm Reference Number is 943984. You can check this information at  Our Data Protection Licence number is ZB045520. 


Use of Your Information

In order to process your application, it is necessary for us to pass your details to our panel of lenders. The process may involve soft and hard searches of your credit file. A soft search will leave no footprint on your credit file however a hard search will leave a footprint on your credit file which will be visible to other lenders and other credit reference agencies.

An initial assessment of your credit score will determine which lenders receive your information. It is essential that the information we receive from you is accurate and truthful. If you provide false or inaccurate information this may impact your ability to obtain credit. We and other organisations may check your identity to prevent fraud and money laundering.

During this application process, we will send your application to members of our panel who may do a hard search in order to gain the best finance acceptance rate.

By agreeing to our terms and conditions you are confirming that you are happy for us to continue with the application process. For full details of how we process your information and the use of credit reference agencies please see our privacy notice, here:

The Quotations that we provide
All prices are subject to status and fulfilment of any criteria set by our carefully selected panel of funders. We reserve the right to change or withdraw any quoted price at any time, without notice. Custom Vehicle Contracts will record all telephone calls for training and quality purposes.

Can we give independent financial advice?
No, we cannot give independent financial advice as we are not independent financial advisors. If you are unsure of the type of finance right for your business, please speak with your own financial advisor or accountant.

Our Charges
We make a charge for the services that we provide:

Fees – New Orders
We will charge a Vehicle Order Processing Fee of £239.99 including vat (£199.99 plus vat) for our Brokering Services when you place a vehicle order.  The fee is payable upon finance approval and can be paid by credit/debit card or bank transfer.

Fees – Order Cancellation
If you choose to enter into the agreement to which relates to the order attached and later choose to cancel, we may charge a maximum cancellation fee of £600.00 including vat (£500.00 plus vat).  The actual amount of the charge levied at the time of cancellation will depend on the level of work completed and the charges that we will incur from our supplier for the cancellation of the vehicle that we ordered on your behalf. 

If you are a regulated customer, you have the right to cancel the vehicle order within 14 days from the date of order without further penalty.  The Vehicle Order Processing Fee however may be retained upon cancellation to cover costs and expenses of sourcing, processing and ordering your vehicle.  In accordance with the Consumer Contracts Regulations, a cancellation received after 14 days will result in a cancellation fee. Please note that the supplying dealer of the vehicle may also levy a cancellation charge and we will notify you of this within 2 working days of your cancellation. Custom Vehicle Contracts will never charge you a fee to cancel a credit application or credit agreement, the above fees apply to the vehicle order.

Fees – Contract Reschedules
We may charge an administration fee of £120.00 including vat (£100.00 plus vat) for our services when we arrange a reschedule of your agreement. Please note that certain rules and criteria may apply as to when in the contract a reschedule may take place and not all funders will all an agreement to be rescheduled. Please speak to us if this may be important to you.

Contract Extensions
We may charge an administration fee of £120.00 including vat (£100.00 plus vat) for arranging the extension of your agreement. 

Invoices in respect of our fees are payable within 7 days.

What can you do if you wish to complain about our services?
if you wish to make a complain, please contact us in the first instance by emailing us at and address your correspondence to the Customer Services Manager.  If you remain dissatisfied with our response about the service we provided then you have the right to refer the matter to the Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR.

Please speak to us if you are unsure of the contents of this Information Notice.

Terms and Conditions of the Vehicle Order
By accepting and signing off on this order, you agree that the vehicle is being used for your business, social, domestic or pleasure purposes. You agree that you have chosen the Vehicle relying on your own skill and judgement and that the vehicle will be suitable for the purposes you require.

Credit and Credit Acceptance – Vehicle quotations and supply terms that incorporate or offer any form of credit, finance, contract rental option, or otherwise are subject to terms and acceptance of Custom Vehicle Contracts and/or their participating supplier or finance company. Custom Vehicle Contracts and/or our Allocated Finance Company and/or our vehicle supplier will make searches at one or more credit reference agencies who will supply credit information, as well as information from the Electoral Register.  We will pass your details to a funder or supplier to allow these checks to be completed.  In the case of an agreement in a Company Name, the finance company and Custom Vehicle Contracts reserve the right to make searches at credit reference agencies on the Company Director(s)/Partner(s)/Proprietor(s). Our funders could require additional information, or security, in the form of a guarantee or indemnity. Be sure that you understand this type of product before entering into an agreement.

Failure to maintain rental payments may result in the vehicle being withdrawn. Late or missing rental payments may result in additional charges or interest and could affect your ability to obtain credit in the future.

We will require proof of identification and proof of address from you. This is usually a copy of your driving licence and a recent utility bill dated within the last 90 days. Occasionally finance companies may require further proof of address or identity from you. Where this is the case, we will advise you accordingly.

Commission Disclosure – Custom Vehicle Contracts are a broker, not a lender. We may be paid a commission by these lenders, for introducing you to them.  In line with this legislation, you can ask us to disclose any potential commission by emailing or by calling and asking to speak to the Compliance officer about a Commission Disclosure.

Maintenance – By accepting the order, you the Hirer, declare that you have been advised that there may be an option to take a Service and Maintenance contract on the agreement for the vehicle being supplied.  You may have already declined to accept this facility and advised that this product is not required. Should Service and Maintenance not be provided on the agreement, you the Hirer, accept full responsibility for all Servicing, Maintenance, Tyres, Warranty Disputes and Vehicle Recovery and understand that must be handled by yourself and not the Finance Company, the manufacturer, or Custom Vehicle Contracts. You the Hirer, will maintain and service the vehicle in accordance with the Manufacturer/Finance Company’s instructions and guidelines and will ensure that any mechanical or electrical failure not covered by the vehicle warranty is rectified at your cost immediately.  Maintenance agreements generally exclude Ad Blue and forced DPF Regeneration.

Mileage – During the course of your enquiry we will have discussed the mileage you expect to do annually. We have based our pricing on your supplied expectations.  As mileage affects the vehicle’s residual value it does have an impact upon pricing.  If the mileage you have specified at the outset, changes during the contract, this will have an impact on your circumstances at the end of the contract term. Where your circumstances change and you find that you will do more/less mileage than agreed, please contact us at your earliest opportunity so that we can adjust the allowed mileage where necessary and the finance company allows.

Diesel Particulate Filter – If the chosen vehicle has a diesel engine, it is very likely that it will be fitted with a Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF.  Vehicle Manufacturers use DPFs to reduce harmful emissions.  Care is needed when using this technology especially when the vehicle is used exclusively for town driving or short journeys. A particulate filter traps particles produced during diesel fuel combustion that would escape through the exhaust.  The filter can only hold a certain amount and needs to regularly go through a process of regeneration to allow the vehicle to operate properly. Regeneration happens when the filter reaches a sufficiently high temperature, allowing the particles to be disposed of in a way that is more environmentally friendly.  Although it may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, typically a vehicle must be driven at 50mph or above for at least 10 minutes in order to automatically regenerate the filter.  Periodically, a manual regeneration may be required meaning you have go out of your way to take the vehicle on a on the type of journey that allows this.  if it is not possible to implement regeneration, the vehicle will need to be taken to a manufacturer or local service outlet for a forced regeneration to be carried out. Failure to regenerate the DPF, could lead to damage and therefore repair or replacement costs. By signing this order form, you are confirming that you have been made aware of the nature of a diesel particulate filter, what it does and what is required to keep it operational.

In-Car Connected Services – Many manufacturers offer Connected Applications for remote monitoring and operation. Such applications allow users to connect to vehicles through computer and smartphone apps and can provide services such as breakdown/roadside assistance, service reminders & bookings, diagnostic information and vehicle tracking.  Some finance providers may not allow such connected services as they may conflict with the services they offer. Please assume that all connected services will be disabled prior to delivery until confirmed otherwise.  We will be happy to check exactly what will be allowed before you place the order.  By signing this order you have been made aware that some connected features on your new vehicle may not be available.

Vehicle Description and Images – All drawings, photographs, illustrations, descriptions, and other material communicated by Custom Vehicle Contracts are given only to give you an approximate idea of the specification available.  These do not form part of the contract between Custom Vehicle Contracts and the customer. All manufacturers reserve the right to change any vehicle specification without prior notice or warning, this is common practice in the Automotive industry.  We will not be held responsible or liable for any changes in specification.  It is the customers responsibility to ensure that the specification of the vehicle that has been ordered, meets all requirements.  Custom Vehicle Contracts will not be held liable whatsoever for losses incurred due to assumptions, changes by the manufacturer or missing specification.

Delivery – The vehicle will normally be delivered to the Customer free of charge to an address in mainland UK.  Most vehicles are driven by a driver of the supplier’s choice and not delivered on a transporter or trailer unless otherwise requested.  If such a request is made that the vehicle must be delivered via a vehicle Transporter the customer may be liable for the cost of that transportation.  Such a cost must be agreed and paid for when we make the arrangements for the delivery. 

Anticipated Delivery Date – Custom Vehicle Contracts will endeavour to deliver the vehicle by the date specified in our order form, however we will not be liable to the customer for any delay in delivery or for any loss (including loss of enjoyment, use and profit), costs, damages, charges, expenses or otherwise that are caused directly or indirectly by any delay in delivery.  We take great care to ensure this date is accurate at the time of placing the order and work with our suppliers to provide regular updates on the anticipated arrival of the vehicle whilst you are waiting.

Vehicle Condition upon Delivery – We expect that our suppliers deliver vehicles to our customers in a condition that is faultless.  It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that the vehicle condition is perfect when it arrives.  Please take time and care when inspecting the vehicle (inside and out) and note any imperfections on the Vehicle Delivery Note.  Custom Vehicle Contracts will accept no liability for any damage incurred because of the journey and/or any damage not noted upon delivery.  Should any damage incurred because of the journey, or prior to the journey commencement, and noted upon the delivery note, Custom Vehicle Contracts will liaise with the supplying dealership to make arrangements to have the damage fully resolved.  Whilst we expect the vehicle to arrive in good condition, the customer should be aware that when the vehicle is delivered via driver or transporter it may not be perfectly clean as a result of the journey.

Vehicle Mileage upon Delivery – Where driven delivery has been provided, the mileage shown on the odometer of the vehicle will be in line with the distance between the supplying dealership and customer address.  This mileage will be noted on the Vehicle handover documentation and normally discounted from the contract.  The mileage on the vehicle may also take into account any mileage incurred from the vehicle’s original destination when manufactured and road tested or bought into the United Kingdom where applicable.

Vehicle Registration and Documentation – Unless otherwise stated, the supplied vehicle will be either new or pre-registered. In most instances, your vehicle will be registered direct to the finance company providing the agreement and you will not receive a log book.  Should you need a copy of documentation for a Parking Permit or Foreign Travel for example, please get in touch.


In accepting the order, you agree to accept delivery of the above vehicle, subject to its availability.  I fully understand that the figures set out in the order are subject to revision due to Custom Vehicle Contracts being unable to obtain the vehicle at the agreed supply price upon which the quotation has been based.  Should there be an increase in funding charges beyond the control of Custom Vehicle Contracts, I have the option to cancel this order. If for any reason the specified vehicle is not delivered, Custom Vehicle Contracts will not be held responsible for any losses incurred.

I accept the cancellation rights of this order, the terms of this order and accept my obligation to pay any monies which may be due