About Us

With more than 15 years of experience of supplying vehicles, we are well appointed to supply your new car or commercial vehicle.  It doesnt matter if you are a new driver looking for your first Ford Fiesta or an extensive fleet looking to replace multiple vehicles.  We can help you whether you have your vehicle requirements all set out or if you are simply looking for the best value car or van that meets with your criteria.

We can offer Outright Purchase, Hire Purchase, Personal or Business Contract Hire, Lease Purchase or Finance Lease and we are able to source from any manufacturer.  Firstly we source the vehicle at the best possible price and then we place it with the best finance company for your circumstances.

Finding a new or used vehicle can be a stressfull process.  Financing the vehicle using the right method for you or your business can also be a minefield.  We can help source Business and Personal Lease Contracts(Contract Hire), Finance Lease, Hire Purchase, Personal Contract Purchase(PCP) and Lease Purchase.  Let us provide an extremely cost effective way to drive a brand-new car or van for a period of time that you choose.  You specify the vehicle manufacturer, model and potentially any optional extra’s required.  You control the mileage, term and deposit you want to pay.  We help satisfy your requirements.

We can also source new and used vehicles for outright purchase if you would prefer. We Are time-served Professionals - Our carefully chosen and experienced advisors will look after you.  Get in touch to allow us to demonstrate the value in our service, we are confident that you will love what you hear!

Why Choose Custom Vehicle Contracts?
No Push Salespeople - You tell us what you need and when you need it, we work with your requirements and offer what we can.  We only take direction from you. We use Franchised Dealerships - All of our vehicles come from mainstream UK manufacturer dealerships.  We have strong relationships with our suppliers which affords us fantastic discounts! Brand New Vehicles - Our vehicles are brand new, no one has been using them before you. They all arrive in perfect condition with full manufacturers warranty from the date of registration.
Huge Discounts - We supply a lot of vehicles, our discounts from the main dealers reflect that, and that discount translates to a lower payment for our customers. Delivered to your door! - Your new car will be delivered to your door.  Depending on your finance preference, it may even include Road Tax for the full contract duration. Peace of Mind - Your contract is set up with a finance company which is normally a division of a high street bank or a leading fleetholder within Europe.  Both Custom Vehicle Contracts and our Finance provider’s adhere to strict regulations set out by the UK governing bodies.